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Landing pages are like the storefronts of websites. They are the first place potential customers land on when visiting your website. Ergo, a landing page. This is your first and only opportunity to make an amazing first impression. In many cases, this is also your only opportunity to convert the visitor. This is why landing page optimisation should be your primary concern even before you prepare a traffic or conversion funnel. To help you get started, we’ve compiled below several tips that will improve your landing page conversion.

Optimising your landing pages can improve their rate of conversion. Image courtesy of Pixabay

(i) Layout

The page layout must be simple. Don’t stack multiple columns or boxes with no reading flow. The idea is to organise your content in such a way that it will funnel customers to a singular CTA

(ii) Length or pages

Old school copywriters swear by long-form sales letters that run into at least a couple of pages. Digital marketers, on the other hand, believe shorter and more concise formats work better since the majority of customers aren’t going to spend time absorbing long content. But you do you – test both formats for your audience. Remember, the relationship between your product or services with your targeted audience is unique – there is no behavioural science which can predict the actions of customers. Otherwise, psychologists would become digital marketers.

(iii) Headline

Headlines determine whether visitors will stay on your website or leave. On average, only 20% of visitors will remain after reading a headline. As such, it is imperative that your headline is attention-grabbing and persuasive.

(iv) Social proof

Word of mouth recommendation is an extremely strong conversion factor. Since you can use the technique online, go for the second best option – testimonials. Make sure testimonials from previous or existing clients are included on the landing page. Subconsciously, testimonials and endorsements will give customers added extra confidence about your service or product.

As a final thought, make sure anyone working on your site is aware of your approach to CRO. What angle are you taking and what vibe do you want to give off? These are all important questions to answer when discussing things with your SEO company, web developers, content writers and/or advertising firm.

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